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WoW Gold Guide Review

As some of you know, I run both this site, and MakeWoWGold.com, where I give free advice and strategies on making gold in the game.

Recently I went back through emails that I had received from MWG members and visitors and conducted a study on which published gold guide they found most helpful.  I decided to do that because with all the feedback I'd gotten I detected a trend and wanted to verify it.  Sure enough, there was one guide that everyone liked the most.  So I did a review of it on MWG.

The long and the short of it is this:  There's a guide called Gold Secrets that members raved about.  It has a fantastic guarantee, and a ton of very useful bonuses.  It is the total package of gold-making guides.  He is even setting up private message forums for folks to share information about.

I try to give out as much information as I can for free on MakeWoWGold.com, but he goes into more detail than I have time to do.  (Between tracking optimal mage strategies and gold-making strategies, I could make a full-time job of it!)  So, I sincerely recommend his guide if you're going to go for one of the published ones out there.

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Archmagus was created in 2006, when many of our friends were interested in the fine details about how to play a mage. Much of our time not playing WoW was spent researching and analyzing the nuances of spell rotation, gear selection, and overall fine-tuning of maximizing our Mage's performance.